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Raushawna is a life-giving soul.  To say I learned something is an understatement. My calling, my vision became remarkably clear after speaking with her.  I learned to identify my strengths and how to capitalize on them.  I am successful, versatile, powerful, strong-hold breaker, and an overcomer. Raushawna helped me see all of that and more...

Kim Trainer, Fostering the Family (Non-Profit)

I was broken and didn't realize it.  As I heard  Raushawna speaking, I came to the realization that I had a lot of things to unpack. She helped me see the changes I needed to make - it was LIFE CHANGING.  She spoke TO me and THROUGH me.  She made a forever-impact on my heart, my spirit, my mind, and of course, my awesomeness!...

Mikia Guy, Human Services Leader

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Transformative and Dynamic Facilitator!

I just love Mrs. Raushawna Price!  She provided faculty and staff with an electronic version of an Influence Style Self-Assessment to complete prior to attending our Spring Opening Institute.  Through the usage of this tool, faculty and staff were able to receive vital feedback related to their leadership styles.  Furthermore, Mrs. Price shared information about how to effectively communicate, provide customer service and resolve conflict.  In light of the way she conducted the training, it is easy to understand why the majority of the survey results were positive about her coaching.  We will definitely invite her again to conduct some of our Professional Development Workshops....Vonda Reed, Director of Faculty Development, Shaw University

Valuable, Insightful, and Powerful Leadership

Having someone like Raushawna to help me evaluate my thinking process by understanding why I made the certain choices was very valuable. Her ability to ask the right questions allowed me to think through my decision process and make more informative decisions and to act on those decisions quickly and with precision....Sandra H., Entrepreneur

Insightful Advice and Coaching

Raushawna provided such insightful advice and coaching. She came to our organization at just the right time. Her expert advice was beneficial both personally and professionally.  I would truly enjoy working with Raushawna again...Crystal A. Director of Program Operations, Public School Sector

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The foundation upon which your success is built relies on your ability to get to the next-level of living. This next-level starts when you are accountable for your decisions and actions.  As you begin the journey to YOUR next-level, your performance both personally and professionally will experience levels you never thought were possible!


I want to help you reach your full potential and explore the power within you to achieve more than you ever imagined.  If you give me 10% of your trust, I promise to quickly earn the other ninety!  When you trust the coaching process, you empower yourself to thrive in business and life.  

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