When we allow and grant ourselves permission to activate the power that resides within each of us, we start an exciting journey of empowerment and awakening.

The foundation upon which your success is built relies on your ability to get to the next-level of living. This next-level starts when you are accountable for your decisions and actions.  As you begin the journey to YOUR next-level, your performance both personally and professionally will experience levels you never thought were possible!


I want to help you reach your full potential and explore the power within you to achieve more than you ever imagined.  If you give me 10% of your trust, I promise to quickly earn the other ninety!  When you trust the coaching process, you empower yourself to thrive in business and life.  


Are you ready for YOUR next-level living?  Are you ready to break out of the ordinary and become the extra-ordinary person you were meant to be?  I look forward to hearing your story and together – we can achieve so much!

Raushawna recently returned from an exciting opportunity in Bermuda.  Take a quick look at her journey and learn more from the video below.