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Your Mindset and Perspective Will Be Enlightened!

Working with Raushawna as my leadership coach for 6 weeks allowed me to push myself to change my mindset and think about how I interact with my team and network in a whole new way.  She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions which led to breakthroughs in my thinking.  She is a proven leader in many areas personally and professionally and is a positive and passionate coach.  Each session I walked away with a nugget of wisdom and a plan for tackling my leadership challenges and upcoming interactions with my team.  I highly recommend investing in your future by working with Raushawna.  Your mindset and perspective will be enlightened!

– Emily S.

15 Minutes Shifted My Entire Thinking

In 15 minutes Raushawna shifted my entire paradigm and thought process regarding vision planning and goal setting!  Her talk was professional, polished, prepared, and personable.  She is absolutely leading in her gifts and skills as a coach!

– S. Parker

She Leads With Passion

Raushawna is an inspirational leader who understands that successful leaders are those who serve. She leads with passion and is committed to helping others develop to their fullest potential.

– Ruth S.

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Able to Act on Decisions Quickly and With Precision

Having someone like Raushawna to help me evaluate my thinking process by understanding why I made the certain choices was very valuable. Her ability to ask the right questions allowed me to think through my decision process and make more informative decisions and to act on those decisions quickly and with precision.

– Sandra H.

I was Broken - and the Event Showed Me How Whole I Really Was

During our leadership training we did an affirmation activity. The activity helped me see that people see me better than I see myself. To know that someone values me in every category was truly up lifting. To  know someone actually trusts me, WOW!!! I thank God for them and the training.”

– F. O’Neill

– F. O’Neal


Finally - I Now See the Real Me

Thank you for helping me see ME for who I am and not the me that others say I am. You have really encouraged me to step out and take charge of my life. I will forever be grateful for you. Be blessed.

– Miranda Hand

The Training Helped Me Become a Better Leader

The mastermind leadership training opened my mind to a higher level of thinking. It challenged me to be a better leader and now I share all that I learned with others to help them grow as well..

– Marcus Peoples

Vision Boards Came To Life

I really liked centering my core values on the vision board.  I thought it was good not to rush and just put anything on there and focus on putting actual goals.  Her coaching advice to take it a step day by day really moved me.

– V. Farrow

Her Coaching Re-shaped My Perspective

Raushawna shared her expertise with our Women’s Ministry on what it means to establish, execute, and stay committed to our goals.  She taught that you set small, incremental steps towards your vision, and take daily actions which ultimately lead to the vision that God has given each of us for our lives.  She taught us about establishing our values, which is critical to creating true goals. Her coaching has helped re-shape my perspective on determining my true values as they relate to my overall goals in life. I’m thankful!

 – D. Perry