Professional coaching, whether for business or personal improvement, is a rapidly growing industry. You have many options to choose from but the most important element to consider is your connection with that person.

A coaching relationship should be one built upon accountability and trust.  Raushawna Price will quickly earn your trust and has a long, successful track record to show her commitment to the art of coaching.  Contact Raushawna today by completing the Coaching Survey and Questionnaire. Once submitted, someone from the team will be in touch with you.

Group Coaching – two 1-hour calls per month

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Individual Coaching

Level 1 = Two, 1-Hour Sessions

Level 2 = Three, 1-Hour Sessions

Level 3 = Six, 1-Hour Sessions

    • Contact me for pricing details.
    • Limited scholarships may be available, please inquire.
    • Additional levels are available.
  • Restrictions may apply.

Click HERE to complete our Professional Coaching Services Questionnaire and Survey and begin exploring this unique, professional opportunity to rise up to your next level of being!  Once completed, Raushawna will review it and then reach out to you to continue the conversation.

Raushawna is committed to providing a no-obligation approach to your initial conversation about your coaching needs.  She is confident that, together, you will find common on ground upon which to start a truly unique, professional coaching relationship.

Review the differences between Coaching and Mentoring by examining the role of the professional and their approach to the conversation.  Simply move your mouse over this area to view the graphic.

Do you prefer to ask a few questions before completing our survey?  Raushawna is committed to complete transparency and authenticity so please feel free to ask a question or two by visiting or clicking ASK A QUESTION and make sure to select the
“I have a question about working with you” option.