Individual Coaching

As your coach I can provide you with tools that you can use to help you think into your next action and outcome. If you are thinking of making a transition in your life (career change, moving locations, starting a family, ending a relationship and more) than I can help empower you to take that action that leads you to the vision you have for your life!

The life you want is waiting for you. Together we will activate your potential, discover your purpose and expand your possibilities. You do not have to feel stuck or take the life that you have right now. You can have the life you want. Sign up today and let’s start working together. The life you want is waiting for you!

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a wonderful way to expand leadership capacity across an organization while maximizing time.  Learning happens when questions are asked and considered.

I use the same coaching strategies for an individual as I do for a group of people with a few twists and turns along the way.  Understanding barriers and challenges is important for any group to be successful.  Creating a common bond and action steps turns groups into effective teams.  Expanding our understanding of corporate communication both vertically and horizontally is one of the keys to a happier, more productive working environment.

Group sessions is a great way to help everyone see that the whole picture is made up of intricate parts, working in harmony for a common goal.

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