“Today Is The Day People!”​

My 8 year old son, Zion, said this on Christmas day and it was funny and perfect in the moment. The excitement of Christmas was wrapped up into this simple statement. Since then, I’ve found this statement helpful to invoke emotion and help me take control of the type of day I want to have.

What IS the purpose and expectation for the day? “Today is the day, people” is a declaration, a firm statement and a belief that today IS the day.

What IS my day going to look like? Great question to ask. This question helps me try to remain in control of my life by focusing on the things that matter the most to me. Today IS the day I will accomplish the tasks I’ve been putting off, conquer the fear I have been holding and make time to laugh at myself. It just makes me feel good to know I am not perfect. Also, today IS the day I will try and remain calm, not get too stressed out with all the crazy things happening around me and remember to take time to breath.

This IS what I want my life to be. My life will be a declaration of what I want to happen and on the days when it doesn’t go my way, and I have lots of those, the phrase still works for my tomorrow.

I hope your day IS!

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