The Sphere of Influence

We all have our own sphere of influence and we are also a part of someone else’s sphere. The sphere of influence is simply the small group of people with whom you spend most of your time.  Jim Rohn (1930-2009), author and motivational speaker, said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Who are those five people in YOUR life? Are they ADDING to who you are or SUBTRACTING?   The ones who subtract from your life are the sponges and they likely only have you in their lives so they can gain something without giving.  The ones who add are adding because YOU add something to THEIR lives.  It’s an amazing “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” and it’s simply called, in scientific terms, mutualism.  

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Is your sphere of influence a mutual love and respect group of individuals?  Are they there to ask for your support and to also give it when needed? Do they challenge you when you need it, and do they cry with you when all you need is for someone to understand how you feel?  In your sphere of influence, does everyone get a chance to take turns at being the one who is being led and the one doing the leading? 

In the book of 2 Corinthians, co-authors Paul and Timothy tell the Corinthians to “not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness?”.  Taking this Biblical viewpoint in to our daily interactions with others is important and I’m not suggesting that you remove people who do not ascribe to the same belief system as you – I’m suggesting that you take a look to see if they lift you up or tear you down.  The image that Paul is bringing up is the one of the yoke.  A yoke is a wooden beam normally used between a pair of oxen or other animals to enable them to pull together on a load when working in pairs.  When you place together two oxen that are not similar in size and age and strength, the yoke doesn’t work. 

In Ella Wheeler-Wilcox’s poem, “Two Kinds of People” she outlines the two kinds of people in the world as “lifters” and “leaners”.  The lifters help carry the load while leaners simply add more weight.  Are you yoked with lifters or leaners?  Which person are you in the sphere of influence in someone else life?  

In life, if we find ourselves unequally yoked in business partnerships, relationships and in our friendships it can become a chore to get the work done that we need to be about doing!  Take a look at those 5 relationships that Jim Rohn suggests are our strongest influencers because he suggests those are the ones helping us define who we are.   

If you are unsure who your 5 people are, or how to be a stronger lifter in the lives of others, I want to hear from you.  Message me, connect with me, leave a comment below.  Each day we choose to be a lifter or leaner in someone’s Sphere of Influence.  

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