Tuned Up, Fueled Up, and Fired Up

I love this scripture from Proverbs 16:9 “in their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.”  

It’s about timing, isn’t it? We hear so often from people that it was just a matter of timing. They were in the “right place at the right time” and things seemed to “just fall together”.  We all know that it doesn’t “just” fall together.  As we prepare and plan our course – we make goals, we take actions, we have hopes and dreams and visions of the future and then we work to make it come to fruition but because God is the one establishing our steps, I imagine God establishing not only direction, but speed.  Either a nice, slow, casual pace or a quick, hurry-up, or frantic sprint – the timing and the footsteps are being established by God. We are charged with doing the work.

I also know that it is our job to make sure the vehicle is ready for the journey. Again, it may be a quick sprint or a long marathon, so we need to prepare for that trip and make our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits prepared for it. We do this through a few steps.

  1. Prepare the Mind.  When we begin to develop our mindset of success and growth, we change our ways of thinking and doing. We grab concepts and images and place them in our minds to create the scenes that we will see along the way.  The milestones, the hurdles, the ups and the downs.
  2. Prepare the Cheerleaders.  We need cheerleaders.  We need people to encourage us when we get weary and to loudly push us as we near the finish line so we include people on this journey.
  3. Prepare our Spirits. We remain in the Word. We remain diligent to our calling to first and foremost be followers of Christ and then to take His Light to the world and BE His light. 
  4. Prepare the Body. Eating, sleeping, and exercising.  Those are the three primary areas of physical well-being but reminder that controlling our stress is critical to our health as well. Take in good nutrition and drink plenty of water.  

All of these preparations are important so that we are tuned up, fueled up, and fired up to stay the course and take the course.  

As you continue through your day and week, and as you continue to make plans, know that although we do not know what tomorrow brings, we are in good hands because we are in His hands.