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Where Do Limits Come From?

I’ve been asking myself this question lately and seeking an answer.

I have come up with this answer…My mind.

The statement, “a mind is a terrible thing to waste”, is true because of the potential power that is lost!  It is the first place creation happens. It is where the builder first sees the blueprint, the teacher first creates the lesson or the musician composes the song.

This is why our environment is extremely important. Not just the space we take up but who occupies that space with us. Limited people create other limited people, not because they want to but because there is no other frame of reference within the space they occupy. It is a comfortable place for limits to exist. They can be secure and they can make people and things seem better than they are.

It is important to make adjustments to your environment from time to time or maybe even more often than that. Do you find yourself in a place where you aren’t sure if your environment is holding you back or helping to move you forward?  Below are a few common things I have noticed about limiting environments:

  • Questions Create Discomfort
  • Sameness is Celebrated
  • Permission Must Be Granted
  • Errors are Feared
  • Learning is Limited

Sometimes a limiting environment can be hard to notice at first. Especially if the environment shifts or if you are a person who takes your queues from others. They may not see what you see or hear what you hear. Pay attention and notice what is happening around you and make a choice to stay and change it or find a new environment. The choice will always be yours and your mind will help guide you.

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