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Early Morning Patience and Joy

6:15 and I am already entering the nearest coffee shop. I use the pre-ordering app to make the process go faster however when I arrive the computer system is down and so they are running late. The barista Pam upsizes my coffee because I am patiently waiting. I thank her for her kindness and when the coffee is ready I leave. As I am walking out I notice my car door is open and a man is proceeding to get into my car.

Okay, you may be asking, why weren’t my car doors locked since I was inside. Well, I still believe the world is good and so when I am running into places quickly I am known jump out, leaving the car on and doors unlocked.

So back to the man who is standing at my car. Keep in mind, his coffee is on top of my car as well. He thinks this is his vehicle except as he looks up and sees his rental car is two spaces over. I laugh really hard. He apologies and I say it is okay and I thank him for the morning joy he has now provided me. I wish him well and hope he has a great rest of the day.

Now he may be writing about his encounter as I am and I hope he too took something from our brief morning experience.

  1. Life is really short, be kind and good things will happen to you. Yes, this is said a lot and known by some but I seem to encounter more people who fly off the handle at the smallest things and waiting tends to be one of them. I know we are an impatient society but slowing down, reading a name tag goes a long way and could get you a Venti, if you are into that kind of thing!
  2. Silver cars look alike so pay attention. When we aren’t really focused on what we are doing we can mistake similar for the same. Sometimes the outcome of that is a funny life moment. Other times it can lead to mediocrity, overlooking performance or missing an opportunity all together. Similar is not same and focusing on our differences can help us see just how truly special we are.
  3. Get up early, you life moments are waiting for you. I think it is interesting that people who are extremely successful get up early. They don’t wait for the day to happen, they get up and start making it happen. I am not sure what you are going for in your life but I am an excited to bring new and exciting learning’s into my life. Getting up early helps me get there sooner.
    I hope your mornings and days are filled with patience, kindness and funny moments that add valuable lessons to you and others.

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